• @O2 Yeah, they called me to tell me my contract is up and that it was actually going to start costing more if I stuck with my deal
    3 weeks ago
  • @O2 I know :(. I spoke to staff but they couldn't beat the offer I was given with Three plus their "Feel At Home" is integral for my touring
    3 weeks ago
  • @ThreeUKSupport you got it! Our next show is supporting Slash! So will make sure to send one over via "Feel at Home"
    3 weeks ago


Oli Returns to His Roots! Touring This June!

After spending the year building the foundations with RavenEye, Oli gets back to playing the Blues, looking to revive content from earlier albums as well as featuring new songs. “I…

Oli’s RavenEye Supporting Blues Pills

Want to get a taste of how RavenEye kick it live?

Oli To Tour Spain together with Last Fair Deal

Oli’s band “RavenEye” Join Spanish Band “Last Fair Deal” to tour throughout spain The bands join forces to perform a double headliner through the country. For a night of wild…

A Message From Oli

“It was mentioned I turned my back on the blues… no, I joined a new band. Is that the end of my blues career? No. Did I ever say that?…


After wildly successful performances in Cordoba and the Serie Z Festival in Jerez (Spain) over the weekend, Oli’s new band RavenEye are back on UK soil and looking toward their…


Oli performs at the Waterfront in Norwich on the 15th of December. Marking his return to the venue after his last performance their recording his Live DVD “Songs From The…

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